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About Us

At Equine Connection Coaching Services Ltd, we believe that horses are powerful teachers that can help us connect with our inner selves and heal from trauma. Our mission is to provide equine assisted learning for self development and trauma recovery.


Here at The Equine Connection our belief is that the invisible, felt, or sensed, places within ourselves, are essential, like the air we breathe. Our passion is to follow the horses and nature's silent messages to connect with these invisible parts of ourselves. We invite you to visit with aspects of yourself you may never have even met, to trust the intangible pieces of your life. By 'hearing' the imagery Mother Nature and the horses' body language offer, we touch places within ourselves that are difficult to express with words. These experiences deepen the intimacy we can feel with ourselves. Life becomes more meaningful. Come connect with yourself through one of the offerings here at The Equine Connection!

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