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Healing Through Horses

The Equine Connection Coaching Services Ltd. subsidizes the equine-assisted therapy program 'Healing Through Horses', which is administered by the Archway Society for Domestic Peace.

The goal of 'Healing Through Horses' is to generate funds for those in need of effective counselling support, and whose therapy of choice is equine-assisted therapy. Subsidized counselling is offered to women and children with limited financial resources. Presently, the focus of our program is on trauma recovery for women and children affected by domestic violence situations.

We run four equine-assisted trauma recovery therapy groups for women a year, and one or two leadership groups for girls using equine-assisted learning exercises.

For those interested in supporting 'Healing Through Horses' by offering sponsorship, or donations, or for those wanting more information on the program please contact Micki, or Wendy:

Micki Materi, Co-Executive Director Archway Society - (250) 558-3850

Wendy Elrick, M.Sc. - (250) 309-0351/

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