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Horses-mirrors of the soul

You will find that in the presence of our healing herd of horses, obstacles, barriers and anxieties will gently melt away as you explore the inner dimensions of your life. Their beauty, empathy and energy will help draw out your inner wisdom and mirror your inner beauty back to you. Each look, nod and nuzzle will work their magic into your soul to open your heart and mind. Past participants report that their horse guide’s spirit travels with them on their life’s journey and ground them with memories of unconditional love. So come and meet the herd! The horses are waiting to share their gifts with you!



Reflecting the journey

In partnership with the herd you will also work with our team of compassionate retreat facilitators. Leading by example, their safe, gentle approach helps participants explore deeper issues and embrace their true selves. One-to-one guidance, reflective exercises, bodywork sessions and energy work allow participants to return to their life with a greater sense of their own power, inner beauty and life balance.

Body work

Release and Relax

The unique blending of bodywork sessions that partner horses and practitioners, supports the processing and release of feelings and physical tensions that may be holding you back in your life. Gentle but powerful modalities are offered at some retreats to help you integrate and process your experiences on a physical and energetic plane.  A few of the different modalities used at the retreats include cranial sacral therapy, reflexology, reiki, chakra aligning and energy balancing. Bodywork has been described as an emotional and moving experience that leads to a profound feeling of peace.


Expressive arts


Unmask Your Creativity

We often include some form of creative expression in our retreats. Let your unbridled curiosity connect with your senses and create beauty in your life. Infused with equine energy, our expressive arts workshops will help you expand your awareness while integrating the deep learning you are sure to experience at the retreat. Connect with your inner sage and explore the symbols and metaphors that weave through your life. In formal and informal settings, you may be introduced to art, storytelling, journaling, dancing, singing and drumming to help you release your inner sage. Let the creation begin!

Completing the retreat


Feeding your body is as important as feeding your soul. So, included in the price of our retreats, are delicious snacks and lunch.


If you require accommodation to attend any of the retreats, you are welcome to pitch a tent. We have one space available that sleeps two and costs $75 a night. Our neighbour has three guest houses. They can be viewed at

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